Counseling and representing clients in marital matters.
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Finnerty, Canda & Concannon is dedicated to counseling and representing clients contemplating or involved in any issues pertaining to pre or post judgment divorces and dissolutions of civil unions, including: child custody, visitation and relocation, valuation and equitable distribution of property, child support, alimony and palimony, property settlement agreements, pre and post nuptial agreements, trials and appeals, modifications, domestic violence, mediation, arbitration, Child Protection and Permanency matters and adoption.

We strive to help clients understand what is required to process a case and to maximize their chances for accomplishing their objectives. We are direct and to the point about strategizing attainable objectives and discussing the costs of seeking them. Clients must learn to apply cost benefit analysis to their cases and we assist clients in understanding those issues and making wise choices. The basis of our relationship is open communication and access to each other, to share facts that are necessary for the lawyer to understand and to be able to articulate logical, cogent and compelling arguments based upon the law. We tell our clients what we think in view of the facts they present, the law and our sense of what the provable truth may be.

We believe it is important for clients to understand the dynamic of the dispute resolution system. We are psychologically sophisticated and compassionate, but we mince no words. After helping clients define their objectives, we chart a course with them, and are tireless but sensible advocates on their behalf. By empowering our clients with knowledge, we foster an attorney-client partnership that allows our clients to best control their own destinies.



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